24 Hour Itineraries
Excursion ideas and tips for a 24-hour stay.

24 Hours in Zurich

Whether culture, nature or creative activities: those who spend a day in Zurich can experience a lot.

The Old Town delights anyone interested in culture and history, while the western part of Zurich inspires the design- and fashion-conscious. Families, meanwhile, can explore the luxuriant nature around Lake Zurich.

Thanks to the city’s excellent infrastructure, everything is quick and easy to reach. And with the Zürich Card, most of the local public transport and the short round trip on Lake Zurich can be used free of charge. 


24 hours in Zurich
The itinerary for city explorers who are interested in getting to know the urban side of Zurich.
24 hours in Zurich
This itinerary is suitable for families who have 24 hours to spend in Zurich.
24 Hours in Zurich
Those who want to learn all about Zurich’s history are recommended to follow this one-day itinerary.

Multifaceted Zurich

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