Towns and Cities Along the Grand Tour of Switzerland

These picturesque cities and towns are located along the Zurich section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

The Zurich section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland is in many respects a spectacular and impressive adventure trip. Passing by many natural and cultural highlights – such as Lake Zurich, the Rhine Falls or the abbey in Einsiedeln – the route leads through four beautiful towns and cities that are well worth stopping at.


The metropolis in the very heart of Switzerland links an international ambiance and urban lifestyle with lush vegetation and green oases. Thanks to its compact size, Zurich can easily be explored on foot, while particularly in summer, a cruise on Lake Zurich gives rise to a real vacation feeling. Countless restaurants along the lakeshore, as well as hotels with spectacular views, make a stay in Zurich a truly memorable experience. Art and culture lovers make for the Old Town and the diverse museums, while sports enthusiasts have fun in, on or by the lake, on the Uetliberg, or in the nearby mountain region.


The Town of Roses at the far end of Lake Zurich is characterized by its charming riviera and its impressive castle, which stands on a hill overlooking the small town. Incidentally, Rapperswil’s nickname derives from the many public and private rose gardens, where some 16,000 roses bloom between March and October.


The former industrial and working town to the north of Zurich has developed into a cultural metropolis in the region. Besides music festivals, theatre productions, and art museums housing significant collections, a particular attraction here is the Fotomuseum, which regularly shows impressive photographic exhibitions. Moreover, the one-time factory halls are now home to restaurants, cultural establishments and leisure facilities.


Situated directly on the River Rhine next to the impressive Rhine Falls, this small medieval town is popular above all due to its 171 oriel windows and pretty façades. Narrow winding streets invite visitors to go on a shopping spree, while the activity round about is best observed from one of the many street cafes.