24 hours in Zurich
Travel Itinerary for Families

Travel Itinerary for Families

24 hours in Zurich – Travel Itinerary for Families.
Zürich Card

Arrival in Zurich

Check in at your hotel and drop off your luggage. Buy a Zürich Card.
Day 1 | 9.30am

Zurich Zoo

The zoo, which is surrounded by nature yet close to the city, is home to a wide range of fauna.
Day 1 | 12.30pm

Lunch: Adlisberg

The Adlisberg restaurant enjoys an elevated position amidst woods and meadows on the Zürichberg.
Day 1 | 2.30pm

Cruise on Lake Zurich

Take the tram to Bürkliplatz. Boat cruise on Lake Zurich (90 min).
Day 1 | 5.30pm

Tram Museum

The ringing and rattling of trams is part of everyday life in Zurich. The Tram Museum is dedicated to this charming form of transport.
Day 1 | 7pm

Dinner: Swiss Chuchi

Enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town.

Multifaceted Zurich

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