3 Days in Zurich
Travel Itinerary for Culture Lovers

Travel Itinerary for Culture Lovers

3 Days in Zurich – Travel Itinerary for Culture Lovers

With the Zürich Card, culture lovers will save CHF 140 on this 3-day itinerary (shopping discounts not included).

Zürich Card

Arrival in Zurich

Check in at your hotel and drop off your luggage. Buy a Zürich Card.
Day 1 | 10am

National Museum

The National Museum is located in the heart of Zurich by the main station. It houses the largest collection of cultural-historical objects in the country.
Day 1 | 1.00pm

Lunch at Au Gratin

Gratin specialties and creative, seasonal culinary delights directly next to the Main Train Station.
Clearly visible also in Niederdorf: the Grossmünster Zurich
Day 1 | 3pm

Old Town Stories

This guided walking tour through the Old Town is a journey of discovery for both visitors and locals.
Day 1 | 5.15pm

Coffee at the Cabaret Voltaire

The Cafébar duDA is the beating heart of the Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of the Dada art movement.
Day 1 | 6.00pm

Stroll through the Old Town

The Niederdorf, a quarter in Zurich's Old Town, is home to interesting sights, tasty cuisine and varied shopping. Tipp: receive 10% discount in the stores messer-scharf and Teddy's Souvenir Shop with the Zürich Card...
Day 1 | 7pm

Dinner at Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Waag

For the last 700 years, the «Haus zur Waag» has served as the guild house of the wool and linen weavers. The restaurant treats gourmets to first-class, traditional cuisine.
Day 2 | 10.00am

Museum Rietberg

The Museum Rietberg presents a unique collection of non-European art and cult objects.
Day 2 | 12.30pm

Lunch at Zeughauskeller

In this restaurant near Bahnhofstrasse, both tourists and regulars appreciate the hearty, traditional cuisine.
Day 2 | 2.30pm

Shopping Spree

Zurich’s world-famous Bahnhofstrasse offers luxury, trends and local specialties.
Day 2 | 5pm

Drinks at Newsbar

The Heineken Newsbar is a popular meeting place that you cannot fail to miss. For the spacious bar is situated directly on Bahnhofplatz.
Day 2 | 6.30pm

Dinner at AuGust

The AuGust serves meat and sausage specialties for gourmets in a convivial, down-to-earth ambiance
Day 2 | 9.00pm

Movies at Arthouse Cinemas

Arthouse Cinemas Zurich show independent hit films from all over the world.
Day 3 | 10.00am

Museum Haus Konstruktiv

The Haus Konstruktiv is located in one of the most distinctive icons of Zurich's industrial architecture...
Day 3 | 12.00pm

Lunch at Restaurant Sai Gon

Best Authentic Vietnamese Food in town. Sai Gon offers its guests an experience cuisine where everything is freshly prepared. The wide range of Vietnamese and Asian cuisine includes also tasty deals for vegetarians. Continuous warm kitchen from 11...
Day 3 | 2.00pm

Migros Museum at Löwenbräu-Areal

The Migros Museum creates open space for contemporary art at the Löwenbräu-Areal
Day 3 | 4.00pm

Stroll along the Viadukt

Zurich's railway viaduct offers unique space for a trendy shopping and cultural district...
Day 3 | 7pm

Dinner at blindekuh

With no visual prompts, you have to trust your nose, mouth, ears and hands, and you will experience an extraordinary culinary adventure.
Day 3 | 10.00pm

Live music at Moods

Moods. The first stop for jazz, funk, soul and blues. One concert after another captivates audiences. Big names that are usually only heard at festivals play at Moods. In Zürich’s trendy Zürich-West district in the midst of the Schiffbau cultural...

Multifaceted Zurich

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