3 Days in Zurich

For City Explorers

3 Days in Zurich
Itinerary for City Explorers
With the ZürichCARD, city explorers will save CHF 112 on this 3-day itinerary (shopping discounts not included).

Arrival in Zurich

Check in at your hotel and drop off your luggage. Buy a ZürichCARD.
Hiltl, Aussenansicht
Day 1 | 12.00pm

Lunch at the Hiltl

The world’s first vegetarian restaurant offers a buffet with meat-free culinary delicacies.
Day 1 | 1.30pm

Shopping spree

The world-renowned shopping boulevard offers luxurious brands, trendy fashion and local specialties.
Day 1 | 3.30pm

Relaxing Limmat River Cruise

From the National Museum to the lake, the Limmat Cruise takes you through the heart of the Old Town.
Day 1 | 4.00pm

Museum Bellerive

A villa on the shores of Lake Zurich is home to the largest international arts and crafts collection in Switzerland
Day 1 | 5.30pm

Stroll along Lake Zurich

The lakeside park area encloses the lower basin of Lake Zurich with a splendid promenade.
Day 1 | 6.30pm

Dinner at Intermezzo

The Intermezzo offers an enticing blend of first-class cuisine and an elegant ambiance
Day 1 | 10.00pm

Party at Mascotte

The Mascotte is Zurich’s oldest nightclub and has cult status.
Day 2 | 10.00am

Swiss National Museum

The National Museum houses the largest collection of cultural-historical objects in the country.
Restaurants in Zurich
Day 2 | 12.30pm

Lunch at Hin & Weg

The concept is simple: salad and baguette in many delicious variations.
Day 2 | 2.00pm

Shopping at Europaallee

The new quarter currently being developed around Europaallee entices with its wide variety of shopping facilities.
Zürich Wellness, Hamam Münstergasse
Day 2 | 4.30pm

Hamam Münstergasse

The Hamam Münstergasse could have come straight out of “The Thousand and One Nights”.
restaurant blue monkey zurich
Day 2 | 7.30pm

Dinner at the Blue Monkey

The Blue Monkey Team at Haus der Zunft zur Schneiderin serves wonderful Thai cuisine in an impressive ambience. This Thai bistro serves delicious dishes right in the center of Zürich’s Old Town. The first-floor Thai Heaven restaurant features white...
Day 3 | 10.30am

Coffee at Michelle's Cupcakes

Michelle puts a smile on her guests’ faces with her home-made cupcakes and brownies.
eTukTuk Zurich Viadukt
Day 3 | 12.30pm

eTukTuk City Tour

On a city tour in the eTukTuk, you will be able to really feel Zurich's heartbeat...
Day 3 | 2.30pm

Snack at Wirtschaft zur Schtund

Cozy and relaxed: guests feel at home at the Wirtschaft zur Schtund
Rennweg Zurich
Day 3 | 4.30pm

Shopping Rennweg

Rennweg was distinguished from other streets in Zurich due to its straightness for a long time. ...
Zunfthaus zur Waag - Restaurant
Day 3 | 7.30pm

Dinner at Zunfthaus zur Waag

The Zunfthaus zur Waag restaurant treats gourmets to first-class, traditional Swiss cuisine.
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