Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo

People of all ages will be fascinated by this former military fortress – there is so much to see.

The tons of rock all around are impressive in themselves. For many years, a top secret military fortress was hidden deep inside the Gotthard mountain. Bunkers, munition depots and sleeping quarters: visitors can immerse themselves in a different world and experience a piece of Swiss history. Here you can learn, for example, the significance of Ticino in the Second World War.

Besides the historical complex, there are other highlights well worth visiting – such as the largest group of rock crystals ever to be found in the Alps. The size, perfection, transparency and shine of these centuries-old objects are unparalleled.

Opening Hours

Saturday–Sunday, 10.30am–3.00pm

July & August:
Wednesday–Monday, 10.00am–3.00pm

September & October:
Wednesday–Sunday, 10.00am–3.00pm


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 91.1 km 160 min
Zürich Airport 99.3 km 177 min
Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo
6781  Gotthardpass