Fashionhotel in Zurich

Twice a year, selected Zurich hotels are transformed into fashion houses, featuring fashion, beauty products and workshops. In addition, DJs, live bands and tasty cuisine guarantee a colorful mix of shopping, party and event.

March 16 – 18, 2018

The name says it all: Fashionhotel is the most out-of-the-ordinary fashion event to be held in the city of Zurich. Twice a year, a different hotel is converted into a trendy fashion house for the duration of one weekend.

Hotel guests are joined by aspiring designers and creators of fashion labels, who take up residence in the specially emptied rooms and turn them into beautiful, pop-up boutiques. Here, designers present their latest clothing or jewelry collections or demonstrate their beauty products. Thus the various stories of the hotel become shopping malls, where guests are invited to browse, try on and purchase to their heart’s delight.

Workshops on the theme of fashion, as well as culinary delights and parties featuring DJs and live bands, guarantee a colorful supporting program.

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