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Summer in Zurich

In the summertime, Zurich is a city pulsing with concerts, bars, cinemas and open-air parties.

Zurich buzzes with life in summer when families and friends meet on Lake Zurich’s promenades, in town squares, on garden terraces, or at one of the 40 outdoor swimming pools, or ‘badis’ as they’re known by the locals.

Zurich’s residents could never live without their beloved ‘badis’, where people come in the summer to sunbathe, spend a pleasant day with their children or after work to enjoy a chilled waterside drink.
On the lake, in the river or in an outdoor pool – Zurich has no shortage of places to swim. Some are single-sex, one has a sandy beach, while another features a sauna.
Spend the day swimming before heading to the hip open-air bar in the evening: The ‘badi’ bars are favorite after-work spots for Zurich locals in the summertime.
After swimming hours are over, many badis on the river and lake open their doors as bars. Swimming is usually prohibited to allow concerts, readings and film screenings.

Limmatschwimmen (Limmat swim)

Places for the Limmatschwimmen, or Limmat swim, sell out almost instantly every year. And no wonder, as the 2 km route through the city is usually closed to the public, making this event a truly special experience.

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Summer in Zurich is wonderful. Here’s a list of the nicest terraces, hippest ‘badi’ bars and open-air concerts not to be missed.
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