Day Trip: Schwyz

Mountains, lakes, and incredible panoramic views: in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland shows itself from its picture-postcard side.
Mythen, Panorama

How Do I Get to Schwyz?

Visitors can travel to the cantonal capital of the same name, Schwyz, by train from Zurich Main Station in around an hour. From here, you can continue on to Muotathal, Brunnen, or Sattel-Hochstuckli, or take the Rotenflue cableway to the Mythen region.

Some Impressions of Canton Schwyz:

The Cradle of Switzerland

The region around Schwyz is the scene of events from the founding history of Switzerland. According to legend, this is where William Tell murdered the evil bailiff, Gessler, and where the Rütli oath laid the foundation for present-day Switzerland. Visitors can follow in Tell’s footsteps by hiking along the Swiss Path, where magnificent panoramic views are guaranteed.

Mountains, Mountains, and More Mountains!

The region around Schwyz is picture-postcard Switzerland. Anyone who loves mountains is spoilt for choice here. Whether the Rigi, Hoch-Ybrig, Stoos with the Fronalpstock, or the Mythen: the pre-Alpine canton of Schwyz offers a highly diverse mountain and lake-strewn landscape of unique beauty.

Stoos, canton of Schwyz

Mountains as Far as the Eye Can See

These mountains can be reached from Zurich in no time at all:

The Swiss Original

The Swiss Army Knife is famous throughout the world – and not only since it featured on the legendary TV action series, “MacGyver”. The genuine Swiss Victorinox pocket knife is a real all-rounder – and consequently an extremely popular souvenir from Switzerland. The Victorinox brand store is located in Brunnen.

Special Activity

Here customers can assemble their very own pocket knife and have it individually engraved.

A Beastly Good Time

In the Nature Reserve and Wildlife Park Goldau, visitors can also get to know the native animal world. Whether during a guided tour or on their own – surrounded by free-ranging sika deer and mouflons, guests of all ages have the chance to observe the animals from close quarters.

Also Worth Visiting in Canton Schwyz: