Diederik Winery

On Zurich’s “Gold Coast”, two young vintners have breathed new life into a tradition-steeped winery.

  • Winery store (Saturdays only)
    Wine tasting

The sun-blessed shore on the right side of Lake Zurich, with its warm south- to west- facing position and idyllic location nestling along the deep-blue lake, is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Switzerland.

In 2014, Diederik and Patricia Michel had the opportunity to lease an age-old vineyard in Küsnacht – the chosen home village of such distinguished names as C. G. Jung, Thomas Mann, and Tina Turner –, which they are now instilling with new life with a great deal of expertise and passion. 

Word of what they have already achieved has spread like wildfire: their first-class wines have already found their way onto some of the best wine lists in the region. Besides the classics, the Weingut Diederik produces a wonderful Räuschling, as well as a “Petit Rhin”, which has already delighted the palates of a number of wine critics. 

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Opening Hours

Tasting and sale of wines: Saturday, 11am – 5pm in the farm shop

Sale of wines by prior arrangement: Monday – Friday

Guided tour of the vineyard with wine-tasting (approx. 2.5 hrs) for groups (6–20 persons): by prior arrangement