Zürich by

Danniel Saner

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home of a celebrity hairdresser.
As hairdresser to the stars, Danniel Saner has an eye for beauty and style.

This is why Bindella restaurants are his favourite places to eat – the Bianchi fish restaurant on Limmatquai, for example. He can often be found on the city’s squares enjoying an aperitif on Hechtplatz or taking in the view at Bürkliplatz.

Bürkliplatz is not only a boat dock, but also a marketplace, art area and event site.
Restaurant / Café
The Bianchi is an inviting and relaxed establishment with Italian flair and is located in the middle of the Old Town on Limmatquai. It is passionately devoted to the pleasure of eating, warm hospitality, and of course the finest of fish dishes. With...
Hotel / Appartment
The modern rooms and suites are tastefully furnished and feature every amenity a guest could wish for. Whether in the guest rooms, the restaurant, or the event rooms, the Park Hyatt consistently leaves its stamp of elegance and contemporary design...
Restaurant / Café
The traditional Conditorei Schober is situated in the middle of the Old Town in what is known as the ‘sweet corner’. Time seems to stand still in this stylish café. This is where you have time to simply enjoy time. Handmade chocolates, pastries and...

Multifaceted Zurich

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