Kein Museum

A museum that is not a museum ‒ Kein Museum is a meeting place and creative laboratory for artists and scientists from all disciplines.

  • Space for experiments
    Open concept laboratory
    Meeting place

So is it a museum or not? As the small Kein Museum does not have its own collection, it is by definition not a museum ‒ and named accordingly.

But much more important than the name of this meeting place is its function as a multi-faceted creative laboratory for artists, creatives, and scientists from all disciplines. Together, they stage diverse exhibitions, installations, events, performances, workshops, brunches, and all kinds of formats that have never been seen before. Here, homeless art projects are given a platform just as much as concepts that have yet to be developed. Kein Museum is therefore a versatile laboratory for new ideas.

The 16 square meter (170 sq.ft) artist-run space is used to present a colorful program. This is constantly changing, which provides a variety of interesting thought concepts.

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Opening Hours

According to the program