November 19 – 21, 2021

Products that have a longer shelf life or can be repaired or recycled: these are the stars of the three-day Criterion Festival. These high-quality products are presented by over 250 manufacturers, thought leaders, and distributors who with their ideas and concepts are contributing to a future for the next generations. The objective is to show the general public alternatives for everyday life, whether in terms of design, technology, or food culture.

During the festival, visitors can experience, try out, and learn at various lectures, in tastings, shows, and workshops. In six different interactive worlds, four special shows, and in four activity spots interested people embark on a journey into sophisticated design, precise handwork, timeless fashion, groundbreaking technology, and delicious local food. The focus is invariably on finding solutions, perspectives, and inspiration for a “future with a future”.

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Messe Zürich
Wallisellenstrasse 49
8050 Zürich
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