Lovers of gin variations and delicious cocktails are at the right address at the traditionally furnished Dante bar.

  • Over 80 varieties of gin
    Professional service
    Beautiful details in the furnishings
  • Close to Langstrasse

A black & white checkered tiled floor, furniture that is reminiscent of an English library, waiters with black bow ties, the sounds of jazz, and a choice selection of gin: this is the essence of the Dante cocktail bar on Zwinglistrasse, in the heart of the Langstrasse entertainment district. The attractive, traditionally furnished bar invites guests to linger and enjoy.

And anyone who thinks they have tasted all the brands of gin in the world should pay a visit to the Dante – it is quite possible that they will find a gin here that they did not even know existed.

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Here you can kick off the evening with some tasty cocktails. The bar has a good selection of gin, and with its traditional interior design, it’s a pretty classy place. It's just a shame that there’s nowhere to sit outside. But that makes the Dante Bar all the more an excellent tip on rainy days.

Marc Blickenstorfer
Marc knows Zurich’s nightlife like the back of his hand.

Opening Hours

Tuesday & Wednesday, 6pm – 12am
Thursday, 6pm – 1am
Friday & Saturday, 6pm – 2am