August 2033

“Badenfahrt” is one of the most popular festivals among the inhabitants of Baden and neighboring regions. That is hardly surprising as it is only held every 10 years, which makes it all the more special. In the run-up to “Badenfahrt”, the entire city center is adorned according to a particular theme. Bars, stages and market stalls are erected and festively decorated, and the entire population seem to be involved in ensuring that the festival is a resounding success.

During the multi-day event, theater, shows, concerts and musical performances of all kinds provide a wide variety of entertainment. In addition, food stands, bars and market stalls ensure that visitors – who converge on Baden from all over Switzerland as well as the bordering regions – do not go hungry. The first large-scale “Badenfahrt” took place in 1923 and since 1937 has been staged every 10 years. While in the 19th century, “Badenfahrt” referred to the journey to the spa resort of Baden to take the waters, nowadays people come here with friends, relations and work colleagues to party, dance and feast.

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