Rathaus – a View of Zurich's Political Life in the Town Hall

The city and canton parliaments meet in Zurich's Rathaus (city hall) – forming a unique style-mix in Switzerland.

Already over 700 years ago a city hall stood on the right-hand bank of the River Limmat – in the same spot as that of today. The third and present building replaced its old wooden predecessor in the late 17th century. From the Münsterbrücke (bridge) you have a beautiful view of the south side of the city hall and suddenly realize that the edifice is actually built right over the water. 

The Rathaus (city hall) is largely in its original condition. Although it has Baroque elements, its basic features are of Renaissance style. A mix of styles is also viewed on the inside of the building – where exhibited historical objects and works of art tell the story of Zurich's political life. 


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