art ufnau 2024

May 17 – October 13, 2024

During the summer months, Ufnau Island is a great place for anyone who loves art, literature, poetry, and the word itself. For then the island is “On the trail of the word”, which is the theme of this year’s “Hallo Kultur!” series of events. 

The exhibition presents works by Father Jean-Sébastien Charrière and Sibylle Schindler, who explore the evolution of the written language and the meaning of signs in  creative way. 

Charrière, a monk from Einsiedeln Abbey, depicts the development of the Latin writing system in his impressive frieze. Sibylle Schindler, a renowned artist from Schwyz, captures the transience of symbols and language in her sculptures, which are shaped by wind and weather.

The program is complemented by guided tours, concerts, and readings on the theme of “On the Trail of the Word”. 

How to Get There:

The Lake Zurich Navigation Company (ZSG) operates a service several times daily to Ufnau Island from Zurich and/or Rapperswil. In addition, special trips by boat taxi can be booked.

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