Art Ufnau

May 13 – October 15, 2023

The island of Ufnau is a great place for art enthusiasts and nature lovers during the summer months – for then it focuses on the annual theme of “Lichtblicke” from the “Hallo Kultur!” series of events, offering visitors art experiences both in- and outdoors.

Impressive landscape paintings by the well-known Swiss photographic artist, Joni Hedinger, will be on display in St. Martin’s Chapel. Hedinger observes the island from a different perspective and presents it in a fascinating new light.

Another highlight is the outdoor photographic exhibition, “Lichtblicke in der Fotografie” (Glimpses of Light in Photography), where regional artists invite visitors to marvel, pause and reflect.

At the “Walk-In Camera” by Ueli Alder, guests learn about the principle of the camera obscura, which has had a significant impact on modern-day photography.

How to Get There:

The Lake Zurich Navigation Company (ZSG) operates a service several times daily to Ufnau Island from Zurich and/or Rapperswil. In addition, special trips by boat taxi can be booked.

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