Nature and Recreation at the Airport

A 17-kilometer (10 mile) circular path leads all the way round Zurich Airport. With its secluded forest sections and the Glatt and Brunnbach rivers, the route delights not just pedestrians, but also cyclists and inline skaters of all ages.

The circular route is also ideal for aircraft fans. Aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters meet halfway round at the legendary Route 90 Grill and More snack bar, where planes can be observed at close quarters as they take off and land.

Those seeking relaxation will find another green oasis at the public park at The Circle. With a sky platform, a funicular railway, a forest pavilion and more, it is a great meeting place for guests, tourists, and local residents alike.

Arriving to Zurich by Plane

The Airport Circular Route for inline skaters and cyclists is signposted with the number 44. Route no. 892, which follows a slightly different route, is suitable for people on foot, with a baby stroller, or in a wheelchair.

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