Zürich by

Anna Meier

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home town of a designer.

The young designer Anna has so many Zurich highlights to share – too many for one film.

From the 10-metre diving board at the Letzigraben pool to the enchanted Rieterpark, or the Tonhalle with its agreeably short concerts – we suggest you take a look for yourself.

The Rieterpark is Zurich's largest and most impressive park
The Tonhalle Maag is renowned worldwide as a concert hall with excellent acoustics.
Limmat and Lake Zurich as well as many indoor swimming pools provide Zurich with many possibilities for swimming
Hotel / Appartment
Pilgrims first stayed at the Haus zum Kindli over 500 years ago. And still today, the city hotel is committed to the tradition of its past and remains an open house for visitors from all over the world, who stay for a few days and always want to...
Limited Stock sells things that sweeten your life, and rare objects that you simply have to have.
Restaurant / Café
Flavor-packed tea and coffee amidst a unique ambiance in the heart of the Niederdorf quarter.
Restaurant / Café
Delicious Swiss specialties in a cozy setting in the heart of Kreis 5.
Restaurant / Café
Relaxed atmosphere, international DJs, and great drinks in the heart of Zurich’s Langstrasse.

Multifaceted Zurich

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