Zürich by

Alessandro Marchi

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home of a valet.
Few people drive as many cars as Alessandro, a valet, does.

He spends his leisure time in the mountains, of which Zurich has its fair share: the Sonnenberg, with its restaurant of the same name, or the Uetliberg on the opposite side, which boasts Alessandro’s favourite hotel, the Uto Kulm.

This open-air bathing facility is located in the middle of a park on the right shore of Lake Zurich.
Restaurant / Café
Panoramic view and exquisite cuisine with a choice wine list and top-quality service.
Hotel / Appartment
Here guests feel like they are in seventh heaven: the tradition-steeped Hotel Uto Kulm stands amidst an auto-free recreational area, with a spectacular panoramic view of Zurich and surrounding region. The various buildings and annexes dating from...
Restaurant / Café
The Movie eatery is dedicated to the “American way of food” with a film-studio atmosphere. Most of the dishes are named after film classics. With its pomp and special surprises, it is the perfect place for kids’ birthday parties. American-Mexican...

Multifaceted Zurich

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