Zürich by

Adrian Gerny

Discover the home of a fisherman.

As the film shows, Lake Zurich is not just Adrian’s workplace, but also where he goes to relax.

You might, however, bump into him on dry land – usually shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, having a coffee at Schober or clubbing at Kaufleuten.

Restaurant / Café
In a prime location: a relaxed open-air restaurant on Zurich’s lakeside promenade.
Sun worshippers can relax, swim, and have fun at this lakeside bathing facility with sandy beach.
You can find everything that your heart desires in Bahnhofstrasse: fashion, art and Zurich specialties
Restaurant / Café
Here visitors can enjoy delicious “Fischchnusperli” and a vacation feeling directly on Lake Zurich.
Restaurant / Café
This Zurich institution is home to a cosmos of gastronomy, culture and nightlife.
Restaurant / Café
Patisserie and coffee culture at the highest level since 1842.
Hotel / Appartment
The Zürichberg Sorell Hotel rises high above the rooftops of the city, offering beautiful views of the lake and the Alps. The magnificent building features a mix of architecture from the 19th century and the present day, and welcomes its guests with...

Multifaceted Zurich

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