Capsule Hotel Alpine Garden

Spend the night directly at the airport check-in: in an uncomplicated manner and close to the departure lounge, guests can spend a restful night or a few relaxing hours before continuing their journey.

With impressive photographs by nature photographer Fabio Zingg, the Capsule Hotel Alpine Garden brings the Swiss mountains directly to Zurich Airport. The private “Capsule” sleeping area might be very compact, but thanks to its ingenious design does not feel cramped. The rooms, which cover an area of 2 sq. meters, feature a Swiss quality mattress, self-contained ventilation, a dimmable light, and USB and power outlets, as well as a shelf, a table, a mirror, and enough storage space for luggage.

Awaiting guests at the Capsule Hotel Alpine Garden are not only a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, but also various spaces to relax and linger, a fitness and wellness area, and a small spa – directly at the airport.


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 8.6 km 24 min
Zürich Airport 383 m 2 min
Capsule Hotel Alpine Garden
Zürich Flughafen
8058  Zürich