A new view of Zurich

Discover Zurich on the trail of these five influencers.

A new view of Zurich

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As soon as the sun is out, Zurich inhabitants make their way for the water. Sitting by the lake or going for a swim – even during their lunch break. A holiday feeling seems to be within reach when mingling with the locals. This is just one of the many examples of what makes Zurich such a special place. People living in Zurich are very fond of their hometown; and with good reason.

It is a creative and diverse place, culturally vibrant and by all means livable. Walking through narrow alleys, enjoying warm summer evenings alongside the river Limmat and soaking in the mood of this city, which is as laid-back as it is vivid. Apart from art galleries, renowned museums and architecture, a burgeoning food scene is to be discovered. Every cuisine in the world as well as local specialties are featured, from fine dining to pop-up eateries, Zurich has a highlight for everyone’s taste.

@eskimo (Nico)

«What I liked most about Zurich were the people. It was great to meet café and restaurant owners, who would tell me about their hometown. I can well understand why they love their city so much. Everybody I met was so concerned about protecting the environment, using e-bikes, drinking tap water and saving energy. I enjoyed a morning stroll through empty alleys, while Zurich was slowly awakening. The evenings by the river were awesome, breathing crisp air and the view of the mountains in the distance.»

@vielunterwegs (Hannah)

«Zurich is a true paradise for lovers of good food. From fancy fusion cuisine, to laid back vegan dishes and very traditional cooking. Everyone can find his very own highlight here. Enjoy the beauty of this delightful city, take a deep breath at Lake Zurich, and treat yourself to some quality time.»

@allaboutelisa (Elisa)

«This was definitely not the last time I’ve been to Zurich. I love that the city is so versatile, concerning both the restaurants as well as the cityscape and culture. My food highlight definitely was Juicery 21, a café using fresh vegan and mainly regional ingredients. Plus, they have the best homemade almond milk I’ve ever tried. I recommend exploring the city by foot, because there are so many lovely, small alley.»

@talisaminoush (Talisa)

«My Zurich highlight was experiencing the mixture of old charm and modern, stylish hotspots. There is so much to be discovered here. Most of all, I was impressed by how sustainably and innovational people in Zurich think and behave. Zurich has it all.»

@loewe7 (Thai)

«Zurich is the perfect city for a weekend getaway to Switzerland. It has such a lot of things to offer, from a lovely old town to modern architecture, from a boat trip across Lake Zurich, to a relaxing park with a superb uphill view at Lindenhof. My favourite part of the city is Zurich-West, a hub for contemporary art, design, food and architecture.»