4th International Conference Aging & Cognition 2017 for the First Time in Zurich

From April 20–22, 2017, the 200 participants at the Aging & Cognition Conference convened for the first time at the University of Zurich.

How can people over the age of 60 retain their cognitive skills and other quality-of-life resources for as long as possible? Psychologists and medics at the University of Zurich are examining this question within the framework of the research priority program, “Dynamics of Healthy Aging”. In April 2017, they invited internationally renowned researchers to the Aging & Cognition Conference in Zurich, thus offering them the opportunity to inform and discuss with those present about the latest research status on this socially important theme.

Five keynote speakers, 20 lecturers, 140 poster presenters, and 40 other participants unanimously agreed: Zurich is an ideal location to host conventions. The city is easy to reach by air and rail, offers a professional infrastructure with its countless hotels and restaurants in various price categories, and thanks to its lake and view of the mountains also enjoys a magnificent location.

Zürich Tourism helped with the organization of the conference by providing valuable tips, hotel contingents, and attractive giveaways.