World Information Architecture Day 2015 in Zurich

This year, the 4th World Information Architecture Day was held in Zurich, or more precisely, at the premises of the daily newspaper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung. But not only there – for the event was actually staged simultaneously in 38 cities in 24 countries on five continents. Furthermore, all the presentations and discussions could be followed on the Internet via live streaming.

Why did the organizers choose Zurich?
Andrea Rosenbusch from the organization team:

“Zurich provides the ideal environment: sponsors who have supported the event right from the outset with a great deal of enthusiasm, personal contributions, initiative and funding, as well as not one but two agencies organizing the event. The close proximity to our branch of industry also swiftly convinced our French-Swiss co-organizer that the event should be held in Zurich. However, in line with true Swiss tradition, French-speaking Switzerland will also have the opportunity to host World IA Day in a few years’ time.

In addition, a large number of information architects and specialists in related fields work in the IT hub of Zurich. They are to be found in a creative diversity of small-size enterprises, in large Swiss firms with subsidiaries abroad, as well as in major international companies, whose European offices are based in Zurich (Google, Microsoft, Evernote etc.).

Another reason for our choice was that we received a number of registrations from Berlin, Paris, Sweden and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. These guests were pleased to be able to spend the weekend in Zurich, during which, among other things, they took their family on a trip to the zoo.

Although for reasons of space only 120 people were able to participate in this year's World IA Day in Zurich, the rooms of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung provided an ideal venue. Thanks to its attractive location and a foyer equipped with professional, state-of-the-art technology, the facilities offered a perfect place to exchange ideas, opinions and information.”