Informatiktage 2018 attracts 9,000 visitors

On June 1 and 2, 2018, around 9,000 people visited the Informatiktage in Zurich.

Companies, universities and start-ups in and around Zurich opened their doors and showcased how IT shapes their day-to-day work through workshops, discussions and courses.

IT plays a key role in the local economy

A quarter of all people employed in the canton of Zurich work in IT, as shown by the latest figures from the canton’s Statistics Office. It is a vibrant sector: start-ups, major international companies and universities work alongside and with each other. During the Informatiktage, these organizations opened their doors to offer both the general public and professionals an attractive program of events.

Informatiktage 2018

The invitation was taken up by 9,000 people, who attended the almost 270 events on offer during the Informatiktage 2018. Visitors gained in-depth insights at workshops, talks and tours, as well as with games and demonstrations. They were introduced to technology such as augmented reality and blockchain, and practiced programming and hacking for themselves.

The Informatiktage tram, which has been traveling through Zurich since March, brought more than a million people into closer contact with the world of IT. During the tram ride, the passengers made use of short films and fliers to learn more about IT and careers in the sector.

Hotspot for IT companies

In addition to companies and universities, the city and canton of Zurich also supported the Informatiktage. Zurich City Councilor Daniel Leupi said: “Alongside the finance and insurance sector, the IT segment plays a key role in Zurich’s economy. The IT sector also drives innovation, offers exciting workplaces and provides diversity.” Carmen Walker Späh, a member of Zurich’s Cantonal Council and Director of Economic Affairs, said: “The canton of Zurich is a hotspot for innovative IT companies and start-ups. The Informatiktage clearly shows off this innovative capacity.” 

About the Informatiktage

What: Exhibition of IT in and around Zurich and Winterthur. Discover technologies and professions, experience how IT is used every day.

Where: At the companies themselves, in Zurich and the surrounding region

Who: More than 70 companies, institutions and organizations involved: IT providers, major banks, retailers, research institutions/universities, professional and trade associations

For whom: For the general public and professionals, curious people of any age