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The City on the River Limmat

… from a different perspective.

The City on the River Limmat
Boat Cruises on Lake Zürich


«Classic Trolley» - неповторимая прогулка на корабле и поезде. В ходе этой уникальной экскурсии Вы увидите красоту города на реке Лиммат и познакомитесь с его регионом, насладитесь речным бризом и панорамой Альп.

Rikscha Taxi Tours Zürich

Hop in and take a cycle-rikscha cruise through one of the most beautiful Swiss cities - powered by the muscles of your driver and a simple electric motor. Our welcoming driver will show you the world's smallest metropole from the view of a local. Our large city tour will take you along the lake of Zurich and the beautiful historical centre, as well as to the shopping district in and around the Bahnhofstrasse and finally to the Langstrasse with its large variety of bars, cafés, shops and clubs.
The tour lasts 60 minutes and has space for two adults and one small child.

*Dogs on request

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CHF 79/Rikscha

Место сбора

Bahnhofplatz, in front of Hotel Schweizerhof

+41 (0) 44 215 40 00 info@zuerich.com
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