Rieterpark - Цюрих Туризм


Насладитесь пешими прогулками и природой Цюриха: от парков и открытых для посещения садов до настоящих приключений, как, например, посещение Утлиберг, горы под Цюрихом, прогулки на корабле по Цюрихскому озеру или пешеходные экскурсии к озерам и рекам, по лесам, возвышенностям и долинам.


The 83,000 sq yd Rieterpark is Zürich's largest and most impressive landscape garden and is located in the Zürich Enge area of the city, not far from Lake Zürich.

The park and its villa (today known as Museum Rietberg) were built in 1855 and were taken over at the end of the 19th century by the Winterthur industrial family Rieter, and became the property of the city in 1945. Some beech trees in the park are still part of the original grove and are over 150 years old.

When the weather is clear, the Glarner Alps provide an optical end point, creating a sense of unending vastness.

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