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Цюрих богат культурными событиями. Город насчитывает более 50 музеев и свыше 100 галерей и благодаря этому является одним из ведущих в мире мест торговли произведениями искусства. Насладиться прекрасным можно на сцене цюрихского оперного театра, оркестра Тонхалле, а также цюрихского драматического театра Шаушпильхаус.

Stadtführungen in Zürich: Thomas Mann Archiv der ETH Zürich

Thomas Mann Archives ─ ETH Zürich

The Thomas Mann Archive encompasses Thomas Mann's literary estate and the furnishings of his last work-room. It serves as a central point of contact for scientific research into the life and work of the author and the social history of his time.

Some 30,000 manuscript pages, diaries, note books and letters are stored in the fireproof safe. The Thomas Mann Archive also encompasses Thomas Mann's bequest library, an important collection of editions of his work and secondary literature as well as comprehensive press documentation.

The Thomas Mann Archive is located next to the University of Zürich in the "Bodmer-Haus". Johann Jakob Bodmer, the influential translator, literature patron and theorist, lived here and was associated with Klopstock, Wieland and Goethe.
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