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Zürich offers so many sights to see. A relaxed stroll through the city reveals something amazing at every corner: architectural highlights, historic squares, streets and districts, churches, works of art and much more.

Zürich West - Prime Tower
Zürich West - Viadukt
Zürich West - Freitag Tower

Zürich West

The district that once witnessed the industrial revolution is today a focal point for gastronomy, art, design, dance, culture, shopping and architecture. The factories have long since moved away, leaving behind them extensive industrial sites that still bear their names and vast expanses of space that creative minds have put to good use. Zürich West evokes a metropolitan feeling, linking worlds that could scarcely be more different. It is founded on the old, which in turn bears and shapes the new. It has retained the earthiness of its industrial background and merges it with the elegance of the modern-day leisure society. The city of Zürich tells its own, unique West Side Story.