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Zürich - your convention city

Zürich - your convention city

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City

Are the services offered by the Convention Bureau free of charge (e.g. preparation of quotations)?

Yes, the services offered by theConvention Bureau are free of charge for our customers, as Zürich Tourism is financed by the service providers at the destination. (Finance Model)

Within what period of time will I receive the quotation?

You will receive your quotation within a maximum of 24 hours.

What is the further procedure after booking?

After booking, you will receive the contract from the venue or the hotel, as well as the contact details enabling you to make detailed arrangements.

When do conventions and large-scale events take place in Zürich?

Conventions and large-scale events which impact on the capacity utilisation of hotels in the destination of Zürich are listed in the convention calendar.

Which additional events take place when in Zürich?

Additional events carried out in Zürich are listed in Zürich Tourism’s event calendar.

When are the school holidays in Zürich?

You can find the dates of public holidays in Zürich here.

Which days are public holidays in Switzerland or in Zürich?

An overview of regional and national public holidays is available here.

Does Zürich Tourism organise familiarisation trips which I can join with a view to getting to know Zürich as a meeting destination better?

We do not carry out a regular programme of study trips. However, we will be pleased to organise an individual viewing tour for you, as soon as you plan a specific event. In addition, we are pleased to provide you with regular information in our «Meeting Point Zürich» newsletter (in German) featuring openings of new hotels and convention venues, news from Zürich on meetings and conventions, and insider tips.

Does Zürich Tourism also offer participant registration and abstract handling?

We do not offer these services ourselves but will be pleased to put you in touch with professional partners:
Tel. +41 (0) 44 215 40 30, congress@zuerich.com

How can I obtain a VAT refund?

The company Tax Back International supports organisers of conferences, events and conventions by processing applications for VAT refunds.

Are you affiliated to any of your suppliers?

The Convention Bureau is not affiliated to, nor represents any specific individual hotel or hotel group, allowing us to offer a truly unbiased choice for the entire Zürich region.

Is it cheaper for me to go direct?

Unlikely – with any request sent to the hotel, we inform the company name of the client that eventually is the contract partner, the Business Travel & Meetings team is forwarding rates from the hotels – we do not mark up any rates quoted to us. We aim to give a quick overview, where the meeting could be held at what cost.