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Zürich - your convention city

Zürich - your convention city

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City

Zürich - Your Convention City


The Zürich Tourism Team Convention Bureau is pleased to show you Zürich or the venue suitable for carrying out your meeting or convention and to support you with the planning of your event.

Reservations and advice

We are pleased to provide advice on the choice of venues, compile tailor-made offers with valid prices and option dates, and to put you in touch with convention centers, hotels, event locations, or professional convention organizers.

To facilitate an overview of the available venues, we also place the «Hotels and Convention Centers» Online Venue Finder and the brochure Meetings & Conventions at your disposal.

Hotel room reservation for large-scale events

For larger-scale events, you can choose between the following three reservation options:

  • Option 1 – Individual reservation with Zürich Tourism (free of charge):

    Meeting participants reserve their hotel rooms individually by telephone, fax, email, or via the internet, choosing from the entire range of rooms accessible to everyone. No rooms are pre-booked for your event. By displaying the reservation link on your event website, you simplify the room search for your guests.

  • Option 2 – Reservation out of room allotments handled by Zürich Tourism (free of charge):

    Zürich Tourism searches for room allotments on your behalf. This process ensures that free rooms are secured for your participants until a pre-defined date, and that your guests can find each other in the selected hotel(s). This option also allows you to decide whether you take on responsibility for room allocation, or your participants reserve their rooms from the room contingent themselves by clicking on a reservation link specially created for your event. We offer you tailor-made solutions.

  • Option 3 – Reservation via Professional Congress Organizer (charged services):

    If you are looking for a combined solution including registration of participants, hotel room reservation, and credit card transactions, we recommend employing a PCO agency (Professional Congress Organizer). Zürich Tourism will be pleased to provide details of local partner companies.

Site Inspection

After an offer has been received, we will be happy to organize a tour of any suitable facilities.

Promotional Material and Souvenirs

We gladly provide different promotional material such as images, films, brochures and city maps of Zürich. There are specific brochures about Zürich available for you to send to your event attendees to give them an idea of the city before they arrive.

Bidding for a Congress

As you advertise Zürich as the location of your congress, we will support you with the help of professional destination marketing tools, e.g. a tailor-made bid book or power-point presentations.

Social Programs

We have countless tips ready for you to help you organize an ideal leisure activity program for your event. Overview

Service Providers

Are you looking for a service partner for your event? You will find a clear overview of catering providers, event agencies, event technicians, decorators, artist agencies and stall builders here.