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زيورخ، الخليط الفريد

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مطاعم في زيورخ

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مزارات في زيورخ

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التسوق في زيورخ

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نشاطات جذب العائلات في زيورخ

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زيورخ ليلاً


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Stadtführungen in Zürich: Reformation und Religion – Zwinglis Wirken in Zürich

Group Offer / Private Guide

Reformation and Religion – The Zwingli effect in Zürich

There was once a time when immorality had a firm grip on the city of Zürich. That was until Huldrych Zwingli came to the cathedral in 1519: Zürich became a stronghold of the Reformation under his guidance. Find out where the Reformation took its first steps in Zürich and the effects it has had since then.

Enjoy a unique and delicious aperitif before, during or after the tour.

*Dogs on request

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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun


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2 hours / 3 hours


German, English, French

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max. 20


CHF 340 / CHF 420

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Zürich Tourism
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